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~ The Renovations Continue ~


View work in progress at the Fife2012 has been a very busy year at the Fife.
This has been a great year at the Fife as we have made great strides in the theater. Several years ago Dorothy Fish gave PPPS 'seed money1 for the theater in memory of her mother. Generous donations from Don, Greg, and Debbie Magill in memory of Dot and Mike Magill, donations from First Robinson Savings Bank, Lincolnland Agri-Enery, Jane and Jim Goodwine, The Palestine Bicentennial Committe C.of C., the Herning Grant, plus the money from our annual membership drives let us do several very big jobs.

Starting last September Anthis heating and A/C put in the ductwork in the theater and 4 furnaces, Jerry Smith completely rewired the theater which took over 4 miles of new wiring, a restorer from Conrad Schmidt traced and cut stencils of the art work in the theater, A-1 plastering repaired and replastered the ceiling, and Chris Ristvedt sanded and finished the theater floor. He also buffed and recoated the first floor which he restored several years ago.

We are now ready to have restorers repaint the art work in the theater. We also got bids to resurrect the 2nd. floor bathroom. All new donations will go to these projects.

Proudly Supporting the Annual Labor Day Celebtration


Architect George Ridgway reviews plans for the 2nd floor theater with members of PPPS.

Conservators brought in from Pennsylvania inspect the Fife's original scenery in June 2003. more photos

~ The Bathrooms!   The Bathrooms!~


The new bathrooms on the main floor of the Fife were completed 'just in time' for the Annual Tea Party in February 2010.

~ Decorating ~

~ A look back at PPPS ~

1st Cookie Walk on December 7, 1991. This event is now held annually in November.

1991 Cookie Walk, using the old Hare Grocery's scale to weigh cookies sold 'by the pound.'

Serving BBQ during Antique Toy Show.

Antique Toy Show, 1991.

Antique Toy Show, 1991.

Note the foil wall paper, "70s" green counters, bright blue trim, and lighting in these photos.

In the years since these photos were taken the downstairs has been substantially renovated. Take a look at the improvements during one of our special events or stop in during a Thursday morning workday.

Volunteers are always welcome!

One of many door prizes being given away during the 1st Annual Tea Party held in January 1993.

Two young ladies and their dolls at the 1994 Teeny Tiny Tea Party. Each year around 200 attend the Tea Party during the afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday.

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